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I strongly believe that affordable Internet access can change societies. Countries that had Internet first, are richer than countries that adopted Internet at a late stage.

Education in remote places with Internet opens up economic opportunities and gets rid of masked slavery. In a lot of remote towns in India there aren’t schools or roads. When you don’t have skills and your only option is to pick coffee or cotton for INR 6000 a month, it really isn’t an option, is it?


Providing accessible/affordable Internet and e-schools at an early stage in such areas game changes that.

People in the north east or remote corners don’t necessarily need our polluted, petro-dependant and corrupt model of development.

May be they don’t need four lanes and factories. May be they don’t need pesticides, may be they want to stick to organic as it’s always been there. May be they need a data-driven economy with public transport powered by renewables.

People in rural areas need to be aware of the different models of development and be able to choose their own. The Internet exposes them to this and that is the reason there is a great demand for internet for rural areas in India.

This is why we started @muftinternet – a social enterprise that provides Internet access in remote places that never had any connectivity and works on different ideas to reduce the digital divide. The goal is to make Internet access affordable and accessible to every single household in India.


We work on remote area connectivity, data aggregation and teaching people how to become low cost micro-ISPs. We have setup community broadband in villages that never had telephone lines, 2G, 3G or fiber optics. Muft got Internet for the very first time to places that no big telco or government saw worth investing in.

We have been fortunate enough to build an excellent team that is performance driven and highly motivated through solving socio-technical challenges and not just money.

Over time, Muft has been benchmarking connectivity standards in the country.

For instance; our latency is lower than that of Airtel Xtreme and Jio Fibre in Aizawl, Mizoram. Our plans are cheaper, offer higher speeds and have unlimited data.

While most small/independent ISPs shut down during Jio’s price war – our territories survived. In fact, our operators grew their customer base after Jio stopped the free sim offer.

After the price war, they jacked up their prices – we didn’t. However, we did improve our profitability because of ingenious data optimization and routing techniques. Another thing that helped us is that our buying power of raw bandwidth increased through aggregation. More and more small time village ISPs started buying Internet bandwidth unitedly and together. This drove down costs per village as they were pooling all of this data together (with our help).

We as one of the bulk bandwidth providers in India, spent the first four years to bring Internet access to a single remote village. In the last 3 years, we made it to 51 operators in 120+ villages across 10 states in India.

All of this done with a core team of 7 passionate people. That’s it.

This company has been bootstrapped without any large investment. We don’t own infrastructure. Local communities do. We mostly rent. We have never had an office. We have always worked from home. We have the least overheads for a telco company. We work less than 4-5 hours a day, 4 days a week.

There is no concept of asking for leaves. Work is measured by defined by clear metrics, not just dumb attendance.

As a company, we promise every employee this: No perks. No side benefits. A good salary, profit share in the company, travel beautiful parts of India and the most important thing of all – a lot of free time to be able to develop your own experiences and grow as an individual.

So, clearly there is something we are doing right!

At this stage, we are looking to grow our team. This isn’t a post for a specific job. We don’t work with ultra specific job roles. Instead, we use a problem solving approach.

The Problem: Telco in India is f*cked. It’s corrupt, inaccessible in rural areas and congested in cities. Every major company and the government is ‘losing’ money. There are countless business, legal, sales, marketing and technological inefficiencies in the telecom industry in India. How can YOU contribute towards fixing it?

In the start you will be paid to learn about problems in telco, digital divide and our company.

You will assist other members in different tasks and learn. We spend a year in teaching and onboarding.

Eventually, you will tell us what interests you, what you can contribute and how you can best add value to our organization.

You will have an opportunity to travel your beautiful country and learn something amazing – how people in most remote corners of India communicate using the Internet access we provide and how to bring Internet and e-school access to places that never had any.

If you’re smart, value honesty, vibe with what we do at Muft and would like to work with us – send me a message.

– Jinesh,

Founder, Muft Internet

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