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Need an IP Pool & AS Number in India?

Our legal experts and ISP consultants can help you apply for an

IP Pool & AS Number (ASN) from DoT.

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4 steps to get your IP Pool & ASN

Our ISP consultants can help you apply for a IP Pool and A.S. Number

1. Check eligibility criteria

Get your own IP Pool and Autonomous System Number in India with our ISP consultant’s assistance. But first, check if you’re eligible.

2. Check required documents

To assist you with your IP Pool and ASN registration, you need to check required documents

3. Compile Documents

A dedicated consultant will guide you after have you have kept your basic documents ready.

4. Get your IP Pool and ASN!

After you get an approval, our ISP consultants will assist to buy bandwidth from Class-A providers.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for IP Pool and AS Number in India you need:

1. A registered Company

To apply for IP Pool and ASN, you must have registered company. (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLP, Pvt. Ltd, Public Ltd.)

2. Purpose of getting IP Pool and ASN

To apply for IP Pool and ASN, you will need to specify the purpose of getting an IP Pool and ASN for your company. A network diagram is required to apply for IP Pool and ASN.


To assist you with your IP Pool and ASN registration, we need you to have the following details ready:

Company Details

Company Name
Registered Address of the Company
Company website (if any)
Company Landline/Fax number
Company Directors’ Names
Applicant detail (The one who fills the application on behalf of the company)
Billing address (only if it’s different from registered address of the company)

Communication Details

2 active email ids
2 active mobile numbers
GST number of the company

Technical Details

Number of IPs required
Network diagram (while applying for IP Pool, the authority needs to understand why are you applying for your own IP Pool. Your network diagram helps them understand why.)

A dedicated consultant will be assigned to you after you compile the required details

Frequently Asked Questions

Some insights between our clients and our Consultants

Why do I need AS Number and IP Pool?
ASN is required to properly authenticate your company over the internet. It is also required to get peering for ISPs.
What are the renewal charges?
Your renewal charges depend upon the number of IPs you’d like to use. For instance, renewal charges for 256 IPs would be around 25-30,000/year.
How much time does this application take?
The complete process from filing your application to getting your ASN and IP Pool takes about 30 days.
How many IPs are allotted when I apply for IP Pool?
You get upto 1000 IPs. On renewal, you need to pay for IPs you have been using.


IP Pool and ASN application associated costs

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