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Apply for a ISP License in India

Our legal experts and ISP business consultants can help you with DoT’s Unified ISP license application process for service area categories ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’.

Get Started

4 steps to get your ISP License

Our ISP consultants can help you apply for a Unified License

1. Check eligibility criteria

Apply for an ISP or VNO license in India with our ISP consultant’s assistance. But first, check if you’re eligible.

2. Check required documents

To assist you with ISP License application, you or your CA need need to check required documents

3. Compile Documents

A dedicated consultant will guide you after have you have kept your basic documents ready.

4. Get your ISP License!

After you get an approval from DoT on your ISP license, our ISP consultants will assist to buy bandwidth from Class-A providers.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a ISP License in India you need:

1. a Pvt. Ltd or Ltd Company

To apply for an ISP License you must have registered Private Limited (Pvt. Ltd.) or Public Limited (Ltd.) company. (Ask your CA for more details if you are unsure about this)

2. ISP mentioned in company's MoA

Your company’s Memorandum of Association (MoA) should have the term ‘Internet Service Provider’ mentioned in it. (Ask your CA for more details if you are unsure about this)


To assist you with your ISP License Application, we need you or your CA to send us the following information:

Director's Information

Company Name (Pvt. Ltd or Ltd)
Company’s Email ID
Registered Company Number
Registered Address of the Company
Company Directors’ Names
Profit sharing ratio of Directors
Name of Authorized Director of company (for signing and communications via DoT)

Company Documents

A scanned copy of your company’s Article of Association (AoA)
A scanned copy of your company’s Memorandum of Association (MoA)
A scanned copy of your company’s Certificate of Incorporation (COI)

Your CA's details

Name of your CA
Contact Number of your CA
CA’s Firm name
CA Membership No.
CA’s Firm Reg. No.

A dedicated license consultant will be assigned to you after you compile the required documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Some insights between our clients and our VNO/ISP Consultants

Do I need a Unified (ISP/VNO)license?

If you have no experience in the ISP business & limited capital to invest, we recommend you to opt for an existing ISP’s franchise.

If you have some experience in the ISP business, you can consider opting for an ISP license.

Having an ISP license makes it easier to buy bandwidth at cheaper rates. However, this only makes sense if you have an existing subscriber base.

How long is the Unfied (ISP/VNO) License valid till?

Your ISP license agreement is valid for a period of 20 years

Which service area authorization should I opt for?

The Government of India has come up with one license for all telecom related services, known as a Unified License. Under unified license, the license holder can apply for authorization of different services & service areas. To become an ISP, one must acquire a Unified License under which he will obtain Authorization for providing ISP services. Hence, it must be understood that one has to apply for an ISP Authorization for a service area under the Unified License.

One company can hold only one Unified License, but can apply for service area authorization of multiple services and/or service areas. In India, there are 3 categories of Unified (ISP) license service area authorization:

Category ‘A’ – National Area
Category ‘B’ – Telecom Circle/Metro Area (Click here to view list of Category ‘B’ Service Areas)
Category ‘C’ – Secondary Switching Area (Click here to view list of Category ‘C’ Service Areas)

How much time does this application take?

The complete process from filing your application to getting the Unified (ISP) license takes about 3-5 months.

Once you file your application, the DoT will issue you a ‘Letter of intent’ within 2 months. After this, it takes about 1-3 months to furnish all bank guarantees and additional information required by the DoT.

What is the annual/quarterly compliance and costs?

Once you’re a licensed ISP, the DoT asks you to submit:

    1. Subscriber list with state-wise data of the number of customers.
    2. Session logs of your customers.
    3. 8 % Annual license fee to be charged on your Adjusted Gross Revenue (A.G.R.)
          Adjusted Gross Revenue = Total Revenue – Bandwidth Cost paid to Telecom Provider.

For instance, if your total revenue from your customers is INR 100 and your cost of bandwidth INR 50, the DoT is asking you to pay 8% on the remaining INR 50 to them as annual license fees. In layman terms, this is known as AGR.


ISP License application associated costs

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