We are reshaping Internet and Information access in India

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Muft Internet is reshaping Internet access in India

What? / The Idea

We work on ideas that enable accessible, free and open (neutral) Internet/Information access for end-users.

Who? / The People

We are a network of engineers, financial experts, web developers, ICT researchers, lawyers and data scientists.

Why? / The Purpose

Our vision is to bridge information inequality in India by systematically investing in 2 research areas – net neutrality and digital divide.

How? / The Strategy

Our mission is to work on disruptive research projects that overcome roadblocks* to information access.

Consultancy Areas

From digital literacy to information seeking behaviour and from open source co-development projects to public policy research – we invest our resources in areas that overcome roadblocks* to neutral Information access.

Technical Roadblocks
Developing open source cloud controlled network technologies (hardware OS / software) for Internet (broadband/WiFi) distribution.

This area of technical work aims to dramatically lower costs for Internet provision and improve last mile connectivity.

Economic Roadblocks

Creating alternative financial models to provide free (neutral and open) sustainable Internet access to end-users.

Legal Roadblocks
Conducting research on how information access affects behaviour in society. Lobbying to create more scientifically motivated research polices that affect Internet (and information) access in societies.

Creating alternative legal models for microdistribution fo Internet.

Educational Roadblocks
Training young entrepreneurs, developers and networking professionals to create more meaningful, usable, and affordable Internet/Information services.


Designed for aspiring and established Internet Service Operators

1. Start a WISP Business

Start your own WISP business by getting an ISP franchise from leading Class-A Internet service providers in India. Our ISP consultants can assist you with different (all-India) WISP or ISP franchise plans and investment options. You manage sales, marketing; while your ISP partner manages all the hardware, software and data server.

2. ISP License Application

If you are an experienced ISP franchise owner and now want to become an Internet service provider – apply for an ISP license so that you can purchase cheap bandwidth for resale. Our team of ISP consultants has experienced DoT experts that can assist you with you planning, checking and applying for your ISP License application.

3. Buy bandwidth for resale

If you are an existing ISP license holder with DoT and would like to buy bandwidth in bulk for reselling within India – we can introduce you to reliable Class-A and Class-B wholesale Internet bandwidth providers who can supply you with raw bandwidth at low prices.

4. Custom WiFi Solutions

Our cloud-based WiFi hotspot software for captive portal advertising and monetization helps Internet service providers in India power their public WiFi hotspots with secure mobile/OTP based logins. More profits on your existing network with Muft WiFi Hotspot software.

Our Projects

Creativity. Innovation. Impact.

Muft WiFi Network

Community powered free WiFi Zones

A community network of free and sustainable WiFi zones; supported by local Internet Service Providers and sponsored via hyperlocal WiFi advertising.

Users at such Muft WiFi hotspots get access to high-speed, neutral, and free Internet. However, they need to watch a 15 second advertisement every 1 hour to avail access.

The Muft WiFi community has enabled access for 100,000 end-users in India and continues to bring more people online every month.

Muft WiFi Hotspot Software

Porwering India & Monetization Software

Muft WiFi hotspot software for captive portal monetization is used at schools, colleges, cafes, hotels, and tourist spots.

We developed an in-house free-to-use (and soon to be open sourced) cloud controlled Radius (AAA) with mobile-OTP based authentication system. This software substantially increases revenue while utilizing idle bandwidth.

This significantly improves low cost public WiFi distribution for Internet service providers and operators in India.

Virtual ISP Program (VISPP)

Micro-distribution of prepaid WiFi in India

The Virtual ISP research project is by far one of our most successful projects – as it focuses on micro-distribution of Internet in India.

By simply plugging in our routers and selling access code vouchers; we are turning small shops and street-food vendors into franchise-partners for Internet service providers who host a low-cost prepaid WiFi network within village/town.

For as little as Rs. 10 per hour of access, the VISP program has helped many users in India get online at significantly lower costs in comparison to buying a monthly Internet plan.

MIKRO Education & ISP Consultancy Programs

For people who want start or optimize their own ISP business

We have partnered with Hybrid Internet to create educational programs with a goal to bring future network architects up to industry standards. Our educators are focussed at creating a generation of entrepreneurs that provide affordable (and open) Internet access and create localised web services.

MIKRO Internet Entrepreneurship Program – Training program for students to become (WiFi) Internet service providers / operators.
MIKRO Web Development Bootcamp – Intensive training program to transform young students into web developers.

MIKRO educational programs framework have been used to teach across 110 cities (and with the option of distant-learning online).


Internet Monetization Seminars for Operators

At MIKRO ISP events, we invite leading experts and from telco, public policy, hardware manufacturing, and software development to share innovative ideas.

These events provide meaningful scientific research and consultancy to Internet Service Providers, network maintenance agencies, hardware/software companies & people who want to start their own ISP business.

Our seminars help such organizations increase revenue, adopt new cost-effective technologies, overhaul business practices, enhance user experience, and improve organizational efficiency.

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