Buy Bulk Bandwidth in India

Buy Internet bandwidth anywhere in India for resale. Competitive rates, industry leader in low-latency, license and technical support.

Very professional team! Thank you for helping me apply for an ISP license and find reliable bandwidth providers.

Moses H

ISP, Mizoserver

Extraordinary product development, support and feedback for cloud based radius auth and Mikrotik apps.

Varul Shrivastava

ISP, Raycom Fiber

Muft’s ISP consultants are honest experts. They saved our business from competition and reduce bandwidth costs.

Prem Gupta

ISP, Wysner Broadband

Why choose Muft while buying bulk bandwidth in India?

Competitive Pricing

Increase your network’s profitability! Get competitive prices while purchasing wholesale bulk bandwidth for resale ANYWHERE in India with the help of our 32+ partner ISPs.

Idle Bandwidth Utilization

Use your idle bandwidth for public hotspots. Every operator that buys bandwidth from us, gets free access and support to Muft Wi-Fi hotspot software with voucher based monetization.

Zero Contention Ratio (CR)

Get stable bandwidth that has not been watered down by peering. No fixed CR  allows you to use upto 100% of raw bandwidth or peered services depending on your network traffic.

Power of Group Buying

With over 12,500 ISP operators that have purchased wholesale bulk bandwidth from us, we can push large ISPs for to get cheaper and more reliable bandwidth anywhere in India!

Awesome Technical Support

Difficult to call your ISP bandwidth provider for help? Get unmatched support via Muft Internet’s ISP consultants that will help you fix networking and routing problems faster.


1 Stop Shop for Operators

We assist ISP operators with technical assistance to set up and manage their own network. We also assist operators with ISP License application or ISP partnership agreements to be 100% legal.

Why choose Muft while selling bulk bandwidth in India?

Access to 12500+ operators

Increase your ISP network’s profitability! Connect with of over 12500+ buyers in India! Reach new markets quickly and without any hassle!

Free Hotspot Software

Every operator that buys bandwidth from us, gets free access and support to Muft Wi-Fi hotspot software with voucher based monetization.

Quicker Sales Cycle

Our technical ISP consultants will onboard your new operators with ease. Reduce inefficiencies and sales budgets within your organization by partnering with Muft.

Power of Group Selling

With over 12,500 ISP operators within our buyer network, our ISP consultants can offload large volumes of bandwidth faster to operators.


Faster Deployment

We will make sure that the coordination between your ISP and the operators is minimal. All major technical/sales issues are resolved by our team.

Reduce Technical Support

From fibre deployment to wireless network set-up, and Mickrotik configurations to advanced routing issues – we reduce tech support for your ISP.

Our Solutions

Designed for aspiring and established Internet Service Operators

1. Buy bandwidth for resale

If you’re ISP, an operator or a franchise holder – we can assist you with buying bandwidth anywhere in India for resale. We offer competitive rates for quality bandwidth. Industry leader in low latency and high uptime. We also offer ISP license and technical support for your network.

2. ISP License Support

We can help you apply for an ISP license or provide your with a partner agreement. Our team of ISP consultants has experienced DoT experts that can assist you with you planning, checking and applying for your ISP License application. We also assist we AGR filing and other DoT compliance. 

3. Get our ISP Franchise

Start your own business by getting – an ISP franchise anywhere in India. Buy bulk bandwidth and create your own plans or partner with us on 50:50 revenue share basis. Our ISP consultants can assist can help your kickstart your ISP business.

4. Custom WiFi Solutions

Our cloud-based WiFi hotspot software for captive portal advertising and monetization helps Internet service providers in India power their public WiFi hotspots with secure mobile/OTP based logins. 


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