dot isp license eligibility

Statutory Eligibility:

In India, a Unified License is issued only to an Indian company, registered under the Companies’ Act, 1956.

No individual / sole proprietorship / partnership concern is eligible to obtain an ISP authorization. Licenses are issued ONLY to a registered company.

If you don’t have a registered company, click here to know how to register a company in India.

Financial Eligibility:

Once you have registered your company, you can now move on to know the type of license you need. Click here to know the categories of ISP license.

While planning to obtain a license, you should check the capital required to obtain a particular ISP license as per your ISP business plan in India. The total capital required to obtain any class ISP license is mentioned below in the table. You may choose a category depending on the amount of capital you want to invest.

Table for total capital required for obtaining an ISP License in India to set up your ISP franchise in India:

Service Minimum Equity Minimum Net worth Entry Fee (Rs.) Performance BG (Rs.) Financial BG (Rs.) Application Processing Fee (Rs.) Total Capital Required (Rs.)
ISP “A” (National Area) Nil Nil 30 Lakh 40 lakh 2 Lakh 50 Thousand 72,50,000
ISP “B” (Telecom circle/Metro Area) Nil Nil 2 Lakh 2 Lakh 20 Thousand 15 Thousand
ISP “C” (SSA) Nil Nil 20 Thousand 10 Thousand 2 Thousand 10 Thousand 42,000

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