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Subject: Mumbai to get free WiFi spots soon!

By Jinesh Parekh
January 15, 2015

MUMBAI, IN – An organization called MUFT Internet, bulk internet service provider announced today that it has devised a technological system that will enable chai stalls in India with free WiFi access by 2016.

For a sum of INR 500 per month you could enable internet access for 50 people in India for 30 days. That’s an Internet bill of Rs.10 per person for an entire month. MUFT Internet plans to set up its free internet access points at chai stalls, cafes, schools, hospital clinics, train stops and all public areas.

“NO subscription fees. NO data fees. MUFT WiFi hotspots will ALWAYS be free. Just create a MUFT WiFi account and enjoy free internet everywhere! It should be that simple”

said Vipul Patel, co-founder of the Muft Internet project who plans to use a simplified network architecture and interaction design techniques to make it simple for users in India to access free internet.

Currently, 85% of India is still offline. 1 out of 1.3 billion Indians have never been online. The organization strongly believes that free internet should be considered as a human right and is working on ways to bridge the digital divide that includes providing internet for rural areas in India.

“Muft Internet has been working with government authorities, industry experts and Silicon Valley investors to make free internet access possible.”

– Mr Siddarth Bharwani, Director at Jetking Infotrain and member at Muft Internet.

The organization recently launched its first devices called the MUFT WiFi hotspots. These young scientists claim that with MUFT WiFi hotspots they will enable tea stalls to provide free internet access to its customers.

“Economic reforms begins with free internet access. Think of the impact on society with free information access!”

says Neha Rambhia (ex-IIT Bombay), a volunteer at Muft Internet.

Recent surveys shows cafes and restaurants that offer free WiFi enjoy more customers and footfalls than those who don’t. MUFT WiFi hotspots are helping small business owners improve their revenue and customer experience – by enabling their customers with free internet access.

MUFT WiFi hotspots will come in three monthly packages (hardware + software + service solutions) – Asha, Kiran and Pragati which will have a range of 25 m2, 50 m2 and 150 m2.

The pilot project begins with a small fast food joint called Mumbai Masala at Fort (Mumbai) and a hospital waiting room in Virar. The organization is reviewing applicants that can adopt these spots.

“I am excited about this idea. It’s refreshing and would love to see how my sales are improved after the free wifi service.” Said the very first owner of MUFT WiFi hotspot – Mr. Rajesh Shah (Owner, Mumbai Masala)


Key facts about MUFT WiFi hotspots

  • A free internet (WiFi) access point system that works with any ISP and can be used by EVERYONE for FREE INTERNET!
  • MUFT WiFi hotspots uses a series of new and #opensource technologies in the field of network architecture, internet distributions, wireless networks and interaction design.
  • MUFT WiFi hotspots will soon be present at train stations once the necessary permissions are obtained from the Railway ministry.
  • Unlike most wireless network, MUFT WiFi hotspots manages the security of the entire network to prevent cyber attacks.
  • The hardware is light weight, easy to install and is backed by powerful cloud technology that does not compromise on the security.
  • The technology was created by researchers from over 8 universities –  Tallinn University (Estonia), SciencePo University (France), Harvard Business School (USA), Singapore Management University are to name a few.
  • The ultimate goal of this technology is to have “free WiFi cities” in India.

About Muft Internet

What started as a Human Computer Interaction and Participatory Design research project with an aim to bring more people from developing countries online is now turning into a revolutionary information access movement that will transform India into a digital society.

The word ‘Muft’ / (मुफ़्त) means ‘Free’ in Hindi. We believe that free Internet access is a human right.

NOTE: We are not internet service providers, we are enablers. We work with the ISPs, government authorities and advertisers/investors to enable places with free internet access.


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