Something larger than the 2G Scam is about to take place if people don’t start speaking up against net neutrality in India.

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Posted by Muft Internet on 28 September 2015

This posts contains significant news stories that you must have missed about net neutrality in India.

First, let’s start with understanding net neutrality. If you don’t want to get into much details, just watch this awesome video by AIB on ‘what is net neutrality’.

More stories your should read:

Facebook and Google are being dubious about India’s net neutrality

“Facebook, in its attempt to push its, is disingenuously running a poll on its website where it is asking Indian web users if they want free internet or not. The choices are yes or say something later. People don’t even have the option of no. Google, on the other hand, has been uncharacteristically silent on net neutrality in India. But that doesn’t mean it has nothing to say on this matter. In emails leaked by Nikhil Pahwa of Medianama, the company apparently asked Internet and Mobile Association of India to tone down the pro net-neutrality recommendations that the organisation submitted to the government.”

The government has done NOTHING about net neutrality in India. In fact, in a recent visit to US by PM Modi, he met Zuckerberg and seemed to be quiet happy about his!

Net Neutrality in India: Government receives over 50,000 comments on forum

“There has been a surge in public response, pushing the number of comments on the telecom department panel’s net neutrality recommendations to over 50,000, asking for free and equal access to the Web, according to The Economic Times. The responses to the report on the portal were 52,172 and increasing by the minute.”

You can read about some of the comments here!
Give your Comments or Suggestions on Recommendations of Committee on Net Neutrality

“Committee on Net Neutrality has submitted its report to the Department of Telecommunications. Its recommendations broadly contain technical, regulatory and public policy related measures required with respect to Net Neutrality issue.
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is also currently engaged in consultation process on the issue whose recommendations are awaited.
It is emphasized that the views expressed in the report are that of the Committee and not of the Government. Your valuable comments, wide scale consultations, as also the report of the TRAI will help the Government to take appropriate decision on the issue.”

Tinting your Facebook profile picture with the tricolour? Here’s why some claim you should think twice

Company denies online claims that using profile tool is a surreptitious way to gain support for its contentious project.

A lot of people have spoken out against net neutrality on
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