It’s important for policy makers and corporates to understand what of kind Internet does India want. Our corporate ISP and government policies are far below our expectations.

We recently conducted a small survey of 50 participants and asked them the various problems they face with their internet connection. After getting their answers we invited the participants to a Co-Design workshop where by we asked them one simple underlying question:

What kind of internet connection would do you want for India?

We got a variety of different responses in our workshop. As we categorized the responses, we collectively defined the following user goals:

Free / Affordable

In an ideal world, information access should be free. For now, let’s stick to affordable.

Always Online

We should be connected 24*7. No breakage of service of experiencing downtime.

Unlimited Access

ISPs shouldn’t set restrictions on how much information we consume. Remove limits on data downloads/uploads.

Fast Speed

We should aim to have to fastest internet connections. We should not have to wait for our information.

Cross-Platform Connectivity

No separate subscriptions for tablets, PC, mobile etc. One connection for all devices.

Seamless/Ubiquitous Access

Information access at any time and anywhere in the country.

Zero Censorship

An uncensored  internet free from government, political and corporate interference.

Ease of Access

Quick connectivity and ease of access for all sections of differently abled members of society.

Data Protection

Our personal data should be secure and protected from theft, marketers etc.

User Privacy

No logs or tracking systems that enable government or corporates spying