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What’s the difference between VNO license and ISP license?

We understand that there is quite some confusion among ISPs regarding which license should they opt for.
An ISP can carry out their ISP business using either of the 2 licenses, but to ensure which license exactly suits you, refer to the table below to understand the major differences between VNO license and ISP license –


VNO License

ISP License

  • Issued for a duration of 10 years.
Issued for a duration of 20 years.
  • The license terms can be reviewed in every 4 years by DoT.
Once issued, the license will be valid for 20 years no matter the changes in DoT policies.
  • No bank guarantees to be submitted.
Bank guarantees are to be submitted.
  • You cannot provide ISP franchise to local service providers
You can provide ISP franchise to other operators in your area of jurisdiction.
  • You cannot buy bandwidth from Multiple ISPs. You will have to stick to one ISP at a time.
You can buy bandwidth from multiple ISPs simultaneously.


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