Imagine if Muft Internet was a big pharma company and we would make a claim that we will give free medicines to ALL Indians.

We start by offering free medicines for 30 diseases. In the mean time, a lot of small and mid sized drug and pharma companies start shutting down.

People get pissed off as they aren’t getting medicines for a lot of other diseases easily. You’re lucky if you have 1 of those 30 diseases… if its something else, sorry too bad – you need to pay extraordinary amounts to get medicine!

We later offer free medicines for 30 more diseases and start advertising on TV on ‘how we would love it if people in India would have free medicine’. We do this to improve our PR image.

So 60 free medicines for 60 diseases in total. In the mean time, a lot more mid sized and large companies start shutting down.

No matter the illness, we only offer 60 different medicines. It’s all free, but only 60 diseases can be cured.

Do you understand the analogy? Or should I further break it down for you?

Comic Image Source: Unknown