Kalka-Chandigarh-New-Delhi Shatabdi will be the first train of India to get Wi-Fi facility. This was revealed by Neeraj Bansal, Chief Public Relations Officer of Northern Railways. Train number 12006 and 12005 will be the first to get wi-fi.

The work to make the Chandigarh Delhi Shatabdi completely Wi-Fi has already stared and a company by the name Railtel Corporation is currently testing the services.

How Wi-Fi will work in Trains?

If you are thinking that the strength of wifi in trains will be poor then you are wrong. The wi-fi will work as broadband. The connection selected for Shatabdi trains will have 4 Mbps of download speed and 512 Kbps of upload speed. This download speed is very good and will provide uninterrupted service.

World class Equipment developed by ISRO (India Space and Research Organization) will be set up in power car of the train.

This equipment will catch the signals from an Indian satellite.

Wi-Fi routers will be provided outside of each train coach, which will get direct wi-fi signals from the power car of the train.

Indoor access points will be set up inside each train coach to distribute the wi-fi signals.

How Chandigarh-New-Delhi Shatabdi passengers can use Wi-Fi?

Registration will be required using the passenger’s mobile number.

PNR number will also be required for using wi-fi in Kalka-Chandgarh-New-Delhi Shatabdi train.

Once the PNR number gets validated, a login id and password will be sent to users through an SMS on the provided number.

This username and password will only remain valid for the journey duration.

According to the plan of Indian Railways, all major trains will be provided with free internet connectivity (wi-fi) on the go, so that passengers can be connected to high speed internet while travelling. Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi’s will be given a preference for this project. The other train which will soon get wi-fi includes Delhi- Ahmedabad-New-Delhi Rajdhani Express.

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