Free Wifi with Chai

“Now, I am like starbucks for chai! My customers can enjoy free wifi with chai! Thank you guys!”

This is Mr. Rajesh Shah, the first proud and happy adopter of Muft Internet technologies.

Today has been an epic day in internet access history…

We just launched our first Muft free WiFi hotspot. We are a bit more excited than Mr. Rajesh Shah. Theoretically, we have a technological model that can revolutionize internet access in developing countries.

All credits go to ALL our supporters so far. Specially, our lead engineer – Mr. Vipul Patel.

He says:

“It’s complicated to adopt ready made western solutions in India when it comes to wireless network technology and internet distribution. And to make that free and secure? That’s a complete different ball game.

The population density is very high to support simultaneous connections and the internet connection offered by ISPs is very slow. Over the next few months we will further test out this pilot project. We have received a lot help from scientists all over the world who have believed in this cause and we are confident that this will work!

There are over 22000 chaiwalas in Mumbai and if our pilot test results are as expected, we would be able to put up our hotspots everywhere in Mumbai! “

A big thank you to everyone. Sincerest gratitude from Muft Internet.