“For as little as Rs 500 (appx. 9Euros) a month, Muft Internet will provide 50 people with Internet connection for 30 days.”

“That’s an Internet bill of RS.10 (appx. 10 cents) per person per month.”

“It will be possible to bring free wifi at almost every chai stall”

These claims have not been made by marketers. They have been made by Human Computer Interaction scientists, ex-IITians and investors.

Over the past 12 months, university students from 8 different countries have been working on a join research with it’s central topic as

“How do we bring more people from developing countries online?”

1 billion in India have never been online. India is one of the top IT exporters in the world yet it has one of the lowest internet users per capita.

Muft Internet - What is Muft Internet - Introduction to the Muft Internet Project (14)

This is when everyone started on a concept together. It’s now called MUFT WiFi hotspots.

MUFT WiFi hotspots – A free internet (WiFi) access point system that works with any ISP and can be used by EVERYONE for FREE INTERNET!

These hotspots will be available to public spaces for everyone to use. Advertisers can adopt a spot for as little as Rs. 10 per user per month.

They argue that their uniqueness lies in their break through technology and alternate pricing system.

Take a look at the price plan. It’s unique and doesn’t follow conventional ISP complexity.


It’s still unclear about which places will be the first to get MUFT WiFi. It would definitely take time to bring the remaining 85% of India online.

Check out the Muft WiFi hotspot page!


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