When people come together – good things happen.

A few updates on what we have been up to!


The past few months have been fantastic. We have been working super hard to produce low cost (wireless) architectures + hardware technologies.


Our business modelling is being done in a way where by it would be easy for any social entrepreneur to set up his own Muft Wifi hotspot.


People from several different universities and industries have been volunteering to make the free internet dream into a reality.

We still have a long way to go…

1. Government permissions

We have been writing to several politicians and departments. Still, no positive response. https://muftinternet.com/forums/forum/openletters/government/

2. Conduct Usage Studies

We need to clear user studies before we can scale the idea to several cities. Our HCI research team has been working hard to make this happen

3. A lot more participants needed

  • Digital Trend-setters – We still need some volunteers to spread our word on social media. Digital marketing and Twitter geniuses – let’s start a movement online!
  • Movie Makers – We need movie makers to put our vision into film. The film will be a short 3 minute film explaining are concept.
  • Public Space Owners – If you have bar, restaurant, cafe, gym, shop etc please read this article and get in touch with us. We are offering free internet for 1 year to the first 500 sign ups!
  • Investors – Would you like to start a Muft Internet franchise?

If you can contribute in some way, please write to: [email protected]