Public transport stops in Moscow to offer free Wi-Fi

MOSCOW, December 2. /TASS/. All Moscow Metro lines will have free Wi-Fi connection on December 2, the Metro press service said on Monday.

All 12 Moscow Metro lines with the total length of more than 325 kilometres will be equipped with free Wi-Fi and “the number of underground train cars with access points will exceed 5,000.” Thus, the project for equipping the Moscow Metro with the Wi-Fi network will be completed one month ahead of schedule.

The press service said this project has no analogues in the world. “In some cities of the world there is Wi-Fi Internet access at underground railway lines, but no access in the tunnels,” the report says. In Moscow this service is provided to passengers only in train cars, and no connection is provided at stations and entrance areas. The data transfer rate exceeds 100 Mb/s per train.

The project for equipping Moscow Metro trains with the wireless network was launched on September 1, 2013. The Kakhovskaya and Circle Lines of the Moscow Metro were the first to be equipped with free wireless Internet connection.

via TASS: Russia – Moscow Metro to be fully equipped with free Wi-Fi on December 2.