Our path-breaking research aims to reshape global Internet and Information access.


Muft Internet is a (decentralised and open) Knowledge and Research Organization (MIKRO).

What? / The Idea

We work on ideas that enable accessible, free and open (neutral) Internet/Information access for end-users

Why? / The Purpose

Our vision is to bridge global information inequality by systematically investing in 2 research areas – net neutrality and digital divide

Who? / The People

Our team consists of network engineers, data scientists, financial experts, web developers, HCI researchers, lawmakers and over 120 volunteers

How? / The Strategy

Our mission is to work on disruptive research projects that overcome roadblocks* to information access

Research Areas

From digital literacy to information seeking behaviour and from open source co-development projects to public policy research - we invest our resources in areas that overcome roadblocks* to neutral Information access.

Developing open source cloud controlled network technologies (hardware OS / software) for Internet (broadband/WiFi) distribution.

This area of technical work aims to dramatically lower costs for Internet provision and improve last mile connectivity.

Creating alternative financial models to provide free (neutral and open) sustainable Internet access to end-users.

Conducting research on how information access affects behaviour in society. Lobbying to create more scientifically motivated research polices that affect Internet (and information) access in societies.

Training young entrepreneurs, developers and networking professionals to create more meaningful, usable, and affordable Internet/Information services.

Our Projects

Creativity. Innovation. Impact.

Muft WiFi Network

Community powered free WiFi Zones

A community network of free and sustainable WiFi zones; supported by local Internet Service Providers and sponsored via hyperlocal WiFi advertising.

Users at such Muft WiFi hotspots get access to high-speed, neutral, and free Internet. However, they need to watch a 15 second advertisement every 1 hour to avail access.

The Muft WiFi community has enabled access for 100,000 end-users in India and continues to bring more people online every month.

Muft WiFi Advertising & Monetization Software

Cloud Controlled Network Technology for WiFi Management

Our community Muft (free) WiFi network is hosted at schools, colleges, cafes, hotels, and tourist spots. Whilst the network specs change considerably in each environment; the core WiFi Management technology that powers these networks remains the same.

We developed an in-house free-to-use (and soon to be open sourced) cloud controlled Customer Intelligence and WiFi Management software. This software has dramatically reduced the cost of Internet distribution.

We then created one of the first real-time WiFi advertising platforms in the world. This will significantly improve WiFi monetization for ISPs and we will see a lot more ‘Free WiFi’ zones in the world with such technologies.

Virtual ISP Program (VISPP)

Micro-distribution of prepaid Internet in developing countries

The VISPP research project is by far one of our most successful projects – as it focuses on micro-distribution of Internet in developing communities.

By simply plugging in our routers and selling access code vouchers; we are turning small shops and street-food vendors into carriers for a decentralised and low-cost prepaid WiFi network.

For as little as Rs. 3 per hour of access, the VISP program has helped many users in India get online at significantly lower costs in comparison to buying an Internet plan.

MIKRO Education & ISP Consultancy Programs

For people who want start or optimize their own ISP business

We have partnered with Jetking and ForgeCube to create educational programs with a goal to bring future network and web architects up to industry standards. Our educators are focussed at creating a generation of entrepreneurs that provide affordable (and open) Internet access and create localised web services.

  1. MIKRO Internet Entrepreneurship Program - Training program for students to become (WiFi) Internet service providers / operators.
  2. MIKRO Web Development Bootcamp - Intensive training program to transform young students into web developers.

By end of this year, the abovementioned MIKRO educational program framework will be used to teach across 110 cities (and with the option of distant-learning online).



WiFi Advertising & Internet Monetization Seminars

At MIKRO Money events, we invite leading experts and from telco, public policy, hardware manufacturing, and software development to share innovative ideas.

These events provide meaningful scientific research and consultancy to Internet Service Providers, network maintenance agencies, hardware/software companies & people who want to start their own ISP business.

Our seminars help such organizations increase revenue, adopt new cost-effective technologies, overhaul business practices, enhance user experience, and improve organizational efficiency.

Project WOIT

World Open Internet Treaty

A common treaty across nations to protect people against government/ISP data discrimination, Internet censorship& net neutrality violations.

Perhaps one of our most ambitious projects yet is to get a team of lawyers, social scientists and technologists to create a conceptual “World Internet Treaty” – a framework between countries to declare the Internet as a common public wealth of the human race.

The first part of this research project is to comprehensively understand global information access divides. The second part of this project involves working towards drafting public policies that eliminate information inequality / information poverty and promote information seeking behaviour.

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